COVID-19 Information


We are excited to begin rowing again and are happy to welcome you back to WRC, but please do not gather before or after your row. To accommodate others, we ask you to leave once you have completed your row. 

Watuppa Rowing Facilities

  • Boathouse: OPEN
  • Parking Lot: OPEN
  • South Lot: OPEN
  • Docks: OPEN
  • Boat bay: CLOSED
  • Bathrooms: CLOSED
  • Erg Room: CLOSED

Available WRC  Programs and Access: 

  • Small groups of 2-4 people per lesson: Sweeping for all experience levels and sculling for intermediate to advance rowers
  • Private Boat Owner sculling only
  • All other programs, including private lessons, and groups bigger than 5 people (including a coach) will not be offered until further notice. 

Mandatory Health and Safety Measures for All Rowers/Scullers: 

  • Masks must be worn over mouth and nose, at all times, while on land and on the docks
    • You must bring your own mask - WRC will not provide or sell masks
    • Anyone who chooses not to wear a mask may lose the privilege to return to WRC
  • No gatherings allowed at any time on land or docks 
    • Please be mindful of time spent at hand and equipment washing stations
    • We expect our rowers to spend around 10-15 minutes in any particular location on the grounds
  • Maintain physical distancing of at least 6 feet as frequently as possible 

All Financial Transactions / Payments must be done online only

  • The front desk is closed and no financial transactions may be conducted in the boathouse until further notice. 

Bike Storage

  • Bikes may be parked & locked only at the rack in the parking lot.

Personal Storage

  • There is no storage available anywhere at WRC - please leave belongings in your car or at home that you won’t take with you in the boat
    • You are not permitted to leave bags or personal items on the dock, on the grounds or in WRC buildings
    • You must bring shoes or footwear with you in the boat 
  • Items found on the grounds may be thrown out - there will be no lost and found


Follow basic health and safety measures at all times

  • Wear a mask at all times on the grounds and on the docks
  • Maintain appropriate physical distance from all other people
  • No gathering / Hanging out 

Wellness check 

1 Complete a WRC Wellness Check prior to Every Row at WRC 

You will be asked to answer a wellness checklist at the beginning of each practice in order to gain access to the equipment and programs. 

2 Step Check-in at the WRC Reception Table

All WRC rowers are required to check-in to access all WRC equipment and programs. 

  •  Step I - Stop at the reception table. WRC staff will check you in by certifying you have completed the WRC Wellness Check prior to arrival
    • The WRC Wellness Check must be completed prior to gaining access to the grounds or equipment
  • Step II - In an effort to support physical distancing WRC staff will monitor and control your access to the grounds, similar to entering a grocery store
    • It may be that you will be asked to wait until an area clears before entering the grounds - please be patient and kind

Equipment Locations

We have moved most of the equipment to outdoor storage. All the shells are located in the south lot of the boathouse. 

Launching and Landing

We will be launching one boat at the time, so please don’t spend more than 2 minutes on the dock.

You will launch from the left side of the dock and return on the right side of the dock.

Reminder: Leave all your personal belongings in your car or keep them with you at all times. Do not leave anything on the dock - including shoes and footwear. Items left behind are subject to being thrown out. There will be no lost and found  

Returning to the boathouse

  • Bring your boat up to the washing area 
  • Wash, rinse, and disinfect your boat 
  • Return your boat to its assigned rack by the end time of your lesson

Return your oars

  • Wash, rinse, and disinfect them in the washing area right next to your shell 
  • Return them to their designated area