New Dock for Spring 2021

New Dock for Spring 2021

New Dock

Watuppa Rowing Center is proud to announce the expansion of their docking system into the North Watuppa Pond. The new dock will extend 56 feet into the pond and the launch of two 8-person boats simultaneously.  Olympic rower and board member Tom Darling states “Having an efficient well-built large dock is as important as a runway is to an airport. The opportunity to launch several boats in an efficient way means the athletes and coaches have more time to spend on the water getting that critical coaching time so the athletes can learn the technique and get fast!” This expansion will help provide more rowing opportunities for local youth and adults. The docking system will arrive Monday, March 1st between 3pm-5pm and will be ready for use within the week for rowing programs. Coach Sandra Cardillo is especially excited for the new dock: “The new section of the dock will give us access to deeper waters preventing boat damages, the ability to launch multiple boats at the same time which will give people more water time per practice. Also, having a low-profile dock will give us the opportunity to have adaptive, para-rowing programs become the new dock will make it easier to get in and out of the boats.”


The dock expansion program was made possible through the support of Tom Darling, BankFive, and the WRC Board of Directors. Board President Paul Cloutier states “This has been something the Watuppa Rowing Center has been looking forward to since the origination of the program.  The opportunity to have the best equipment available for our athletes and coaches is amazing!”  As Watuppa Rowing Center looks to the future, the “Installation of this low-profile dock system will significantly improve water access for athletes of all abilities, and enable WRC to recruit and train differently-abled and para-athletes” says Kim Smith, board member.

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