Meet the staff!

Watuppa Rowing Center has passionate rowing staff who pride themselves on meeting rowers “where they’re at” with their fitness and skills. Dedicated and experienced, they’re here to provide positive, enriching rowing experiences.

Sandra Cardillo

Sandra joins Watuppa Rowing Center from Community Rowing, Inc.  After moving to America from Guatemala, Sandra learned English through rowing.  Throughout her coaching career, Sandra has worked with youth rowers, para-athletes, and veterans groups. She understands the value of outreach programs and targeting non-traditional rowers

Sarah Fiske

Sarah joins Watuppa Rowing Center from Narragansett Boat Club and East Bay Rowing. She began rowing at the age of 12 and won Youth Nationals in 2007 in the x2. Sarah has coached youth rowing for novice and varsity rowers and has coached coaches. She’s experienced in team building and working with diverse groups of rowers.